Educating Students, Forming Disciples, Developing Leaders

School Strategic Plan 2020-20221

ywq6o437t5cfucojf4apn2t9p6l.JPGOur Parish's ministry of Catholic education is very dear to us. We want to raise our children well, teach them the truths of who they are and what they are capable of, and help them to grow and mature in knowledge and friendship. And we recognize that this does not happen automatically. It takes an intentional effort on the part of parents, teachers, administration and all those who play a role in the formation of our students. With this in mind, our School Council has developed a Strategic Plan to ensure that we are setting a vision for our children and following through on our goals.

We hope that this plan is more than just a list of strategies, but a living document that grows and develops with our students and with the needs of our families. We encourage you to review the plan and consider whether you might play a role in helping us to meet our objectives. It takes all of us to respond to the ever-changing needs of our young people.

Thank you for your support of Annunciation Catholic School!

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1-3 Year Goals:
Goal 1: Help each child to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Goal 2: Empower our students and staff to accomplish our mission.
Goal 3: Create a unified culture between our campuses.
Goal 4: Improve the physical and technological infrastructure of our school campuses.

1-5 Year Goals:
Goal 5: Strengthen our connection to the local community.
Goal 6: Become a 4-Star school in the State of Indiana.