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Choirs of Angels

Choirs of Angels

The mascot of Annunciation Catholic School is the Angels. In the Catholic Tradition there are nine “Choirs of Angels.” These nine choirs of Angels have a specific function in creation and are subdivided into three choirs that highlight Beauty, Truth and Goodness. Each angelic being plays a role in bringing these to light. 

At Annunciation Catholic School we use these choirs as a way of organizing our families, students and faculty members to promote their interaction and collaboration. Every family, child and faculty member has a role in highlighting the Beauty, Truth and Goodness present in our school and in the world. 

Watch the videos below to learn more about the Choirs of Angels and how we incorporate it into the mission of our School. You can view the full description of this program here.


Getting to know the Choirs of Angels


Praying with the Choirs of Angels

You can find the guide to the Chaplet of St. Michael here.

Serving with the Choirs of Angels